Looking To Go Solar For Your RV Like The Interstate Ingrams?

Interstate Ingrams

Found Freedom With Elevation Battery.

Hugh and Courtney are full-time RVer’s who travel full-time with their kids in a solar powered Grand Design Reflection 5th wheel. Interstate Ingrams were first introduced to the Elevation Battery brand when they reached out through social media to acquire an RV solar system through Solar Energy Systems, LLC. They installed Elevation Lithium LiFePO4 technology as part of their complete solar setup. Since then the Ingrams have been proud supporters of Elevation Battery and are currently using solar to extend their travels and brand ambassadors.

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The Ingram’s Rig and Solar Setup

Hugh and Cortney sold their home and business to go full time RVing with their kids. Here’s what they are rocking on this adventure of a lifetime.

Model: 2021 Hartland Cyclone
Install Time: 3 Days
Solar Panels: 200w SES Signature Solar Panels
Inverter: Victron MultiPlus I Inverter
Charge Controller: Victron SmartSolar MPPT 150 | 100 Tr Charge Controller
AC Components: Easy Start 364
Batteries: Elevation 100Ah 12.8V Lithium Batteries
Breaker: MNEDC175 Breaker
Control Panel: Victron Cerbo GX 50
Mount: Particle Board Mounting System
Monitoring System: Victron SmartShunt 500amp Battery Monitor

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Photos Of The Interstate Ingram’s In Action